A successful project requires two things. A skilled, capable workforce and a good customer relationship. We place equal emphasis on both.

Inevitably, outdoor work is subject to the whims of the weather. You might want to make changes as the project unfolds, your site may throw up some unforeseen challenges. We are not fazed by bad weather, problem solving or changes of plan - they are all in a day's work.

Landscaping Plans

  • "The whole team seems to have the same work ethic,
    they were on our wavelength. It's such a pleasure to find people
    you're really happy to work with."

  • "We recommend Halcyon all the time. Our plan was well formed
    at the outset, but what really made it work was the thought
    that was applied to the execution.Constant small adjustments were made
    and glitches were resolved as they arose."

  • "They worked through the most appalling weather - they just got on with it."

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